10 April 2013

Advantages and Disadvantages of Storing Data on Cloud

Storing your data on the cloud has many advantages. The first of which is the ease of use. Storing your data on the cloud is extremely easy. Usually all it involves is signing up with a provider, downloading their software, installing it and then not having to worry about anything else. For example with a company called Vayron Storage all I had to do was download and install the software and then leave it alone. I could then carry on with using my computer exactly as I did before. 

Another advantage of using the cloud is security. Using external hard drives or discs will mean that your data is not encrypted and if they go lost anyone could plugin the drives or load up the discs and look at all of your data. Nearly all cloud storage providers use SSL and 256bit encryption so if their data is compromised nobody will be able to read it. This is also why many businesses now store their data on the cloud as it is much safer than any local solution

Having your data on the cloud also means that you’ll be able to access your data no matter here you are as long as you can get online. This means that you can travel all over the world without having to carry confidential data. Also if you keep your data on your laptop and you take it with you there’s a risk of it getting lost or stolen. When your data is on the cloud it is still going to be there no matter what so losing a computer or it breaking down will no longer be an issue.

Some cloud storage providers also give you the ability to undelete files that you may have accidentally deleted. This provides a safety net as you know that even if you accidentally delete your work you can restore it without any hassle.

Also with our highly advanced smartphones we want to be able to carry on working even while mobile. Having your data on the cloud allows you to do this. Many cloud storage providers offer an app that can be downloaded onto your smartphone which you can use to access your files. This means that you can work wherever you are. 
Although cloud storage has many significant advantages there are some downsides.

One of these is that you will have to have a active internet connection. In developed countries this is very common but this may not be true in less developed economies. Also there is usually a monthly fee. Although with my provider there was only a 1 small yearly fee others tend to charge yearly.
I found this website which you could use if you’re looking to get into cloud storage. 

About the Author:
I am a technology enthusiast and I am currently extremely interested in the cloud. I have a website on which I write about the cloud and have created reviews on cloud storage providers. I am actively looking for new things to learn about in the tech industry and currently that new thing is cloud storage.