17 August 2013



Find the arguments. Identify the premises and the conclusions. Are they valid? Are the arguments sound? What assumptions do the participants share? Where do they disagree? Who has the stronger arguments? Does anyone win this debate?

John: Come on!!! Those are air raid sirens and we have to get into the shelter.

Jake: Not today, no point.

John: What is it this time?

Jake: Well I in the metaphysics class learned that every claim about the future is right now either true or false even though we may not know which.

John: Ok I was in the class too. I get it, every sentence about the future is right now either true or false. So it’s true right now that you’ll live to 80 or it is not. So?

Jake: Well, look, either I’m going to get hurt in this air raid or not.

John: Well the bombs are falling, that might have something to do with it but yes that is right. However we don’t know which yet. Right?

Jake: Ok but look: Suppose I will get hurt today. Well, I’d rather be hurt on the surface than hurt deep in a smelly air raid shelter. So if I will get hurt, I should stay on the surface. Ok? Now suppose I don’t get hurt. Then going into shelter will have been a waste of time and I may as well stay on the surface. So either way, I should stay out of the shelter.

John: That can’t be right. It is a bit distracting with all the noise going on but aren’t you assuming that what happens is fixed independently of what you do?

Jake: Am I? No! All I am assuming is that whatever will be, will be!!! If something is going to happen then it’s going to happen; and if it’s not going to happen then it’s not going to happen. Isn’t it as simple as that?

John: I accept that much, what happens happens and what won’t won’t. But surely you are more likely to survive and not be hurt in the shelter, whether you like being in there or not.

Jake: “Likely” I don’t even know what that means anymore. Isn’t that just about what we know? I can’t see how likelihood has any relevance. Look there are only two options: I get hurt or I don’t get hurt. In both cases I would prefer to be on the surface. So I should stay right here on the surface. So that’s where I’ll stay.

John: Well, see you later… I hope.

17 April 2013

Is Your Marketing Strategy Extinct?

Are you spending more money than ever on marketing, yet making less and less sales everyday?

Are your radio and print ads flashier and louder than ever but just not converting like they used to?

That's because the marketing world has changed the way it reaches customers, but you haven't! 
If you are still relying on the traditional one way "Outbound" marketing methods of telling consumers what to do through the radio, TV, or a boring print ad, you might as well be selling dinosaur saddles while you're at it! You're extinct!

Today's consumer requires a whole new approach to get their attention and eventually convert a sale. With the astounding amount of entertainment and media choices available to the average consumer today, across hundreds of different platforms and devices, sellers must interact with potential customers to build social trust, develop a method of engagement and eventually win not only a new customer, but an advocate for your business or product.

"Sound's great... How the heck do you do that?!?"

"Who has time to fiddle around on the twitterbook all day? I have a business to run!"

Well, did you used to spend all day recording radio ads, or setting up print jobs?

Of course not! You hired professionals and today's market requires a new type of marketing professional; The Inbound Marketer.

Inbound Marketers use their skills in SEO, both on page optimization, and off page link placement in concert with social media signals and social bookmarking to create a process wherein your potential customer is engaged in the social sphere, redirected to a landing page, provided with unique and valuable content that compels the reader to act on your call to action, and provide contact information as a lead conversion.
Next, a serious of follow up emails, and social messages are sent to your lead and over a period of time a relationship of trust develops and you are able to convert the lead, to not just make a sale, but to actually promote you to others in their social circles.

Of course, not all products and services will take that exact road map to make the conversion from browser, to lead, to sale, to promoter, but this scenario is a good illustration of the methods used for effective Inbound Marketing strategies.

Inbound marketing is a fast moving and ever evolving industry that requires continuous study to keep abreast of the latest techniques and algorithm updates, extensive knowledge of site structure, crawler mapping, keyword research, social media functionality and on and on, only a fool would try to handle Inbound Marketing and SEO on their own, while trying to operate a business. But then again only a fool would try to saddle a dinosaur too!
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10 April 2013

Advantages of Push Notifications

One of the latest services of the internet is the push notification. Push services refer to any request made by the user through the internet and the request is delivered using the pull services. The push message is one of the latest and most ordinary services in today’s world. You can subscribe some website for any information and whenever any new information is available the website issues a push message on your phone. The push notification for iPhone was originally developed by Apple in the year 2009 and now the service is being provided by almost all the operating systems in the world.

The service of push notification is available in your mobile, tablet, palmtop, iPad, etc. The push notifications include chat messages as well as transfer of files. Instead of checking your email continuously for any new one, you are able to get the notification using push message. The push service allows you to monitor any application without having to start it. Since the push services continuously monitor the applications on your phone, they consume a significant portion of your battery. The development of push notification for iPhone has hastened the rate of delivering information to a great extent. This has saved a lot of time since you don’t need to start the application every time for any new information.

The push notification is one of the basic services installed in your smart phone. It has helped the global market in a huge way. The rapid increase in the quantity of mobile phones has urged most of the companies to advertise through them. And the best way to do so is make use of push services. You can send ads to promote your product, discount messages to increase your sales or even keep your customers updated about the new products launched. You can avail all these services at a remarkably low cost. Customers can be updated at a fast rate through the push services. 

The best thing about the push messages is that the customer has the facility to choose the type of information he wants to receive through these notifications. Moreover, if you are disgusted with the push message and do not want to receive any further messages, you need to send a stop message to the required number and you can get rid of the notifications. The increase in the number of iPhones at cheap rates has enabled many people to use the service of push notification for iPhone as well

A push notification generally appears in the form of a pop up on your mobile phone. Almost every person in the world today has the provision of purchasing a cell phone and nearly all of them are aware of the push services. The services of push message are becoming cheaper day by day. A variety of information can be delivered at a fast rate ranging from news and weather updates to match updates, bank transactions, information regarding rise and fall of stocks, rise in prices, daily offers and discounts.

About the Author:
My name is James Goff and I am a full-time software engineer who specializes in creating dynamic and beautiful mobile phone applications. I have been in the field for nearly 7 years, and have been loving every minute of it. I am a blogger, entrepreneur, designer, developer, and overall thinker.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Storing Data on Cloud

Storing your data on the cloud has many advantages. The first of which is the ease of use. Storing your data on the cloud is extremely easy. Usually all it involves is signing up with a provider, downloading their software, installing it and then not having to worry about anything else. For example with a company called Vayron Storage all I had to do was download and install the software and then leave it alone. I could then carry on with using my computer exactly as I did before. 

Another advantage of using the cloud is security. Using external hard drives or discs will mean that your data is not encrypted and if they go lost anyone could plugin the drives or load up the discs and look at all of your data. Nearly all cloud storage providers use SSL and 256bit encryption so if their data is compromised nobody will be able to read it. This is also why many businesses now store their data on the cloud as it is much safer than any local solution

Having your data on the cloud also means that you’ll be able to access your data no matter here you are as long as you can get online. This means that you can travel all over the world without having to carry confidential data. Also if you keep your data on your laptop and you take it with you there’s a risk of it getting lost or stolen. When your data is on the cloud it is still going to be there no matter what so losing a computer or it breaking down will no longer be an issue.

Some cloud storage providers also give you the ability to undelete files that you may have accidentally deleted. This provides a safety net as you know that even if you accidentally delete your work you can restore it without any hassle.

Also with our highly advanced smartphones we want to be able to carry on working even while mobile. Having your data on the cloud allows you to do this. Many cloud storage providers offer an app that can be downloaded onto your smartphone which you can use to access your files. This means that you can work wherever you are. 
Although cloud storage has many significant advantages there are some downsides.

One of these is that you will have to have a active internet connection. In developed countries this is very common but this may not be true in less developed economies. Also there is usually a monthly fee. Although with my provider there was only a 1 small yearly fee others tend to charge yearly.
I found this website which you could use if you’re looking to get into cloud storage. 

About the Author:
I am a technology enthusiast and I am currently extremely interested in the cloud. I have a website on which I write about the cloud and have created reviews on cloud storage providers. I am actively looking for new things to learn about in the tech industry and currently that new thing is cloud storage.

13 March 2013

EMR IMPLEMENTATION: Why Is it Important Medical Practice need to have it

EMR means Electronic Medical Record. It is a method of maintaining the patient’s data or information in the digital format using the computer. It reduces the errors occurring during the process of documentation. EMR implementation has created a career space for IT professionals in the medical field.
EMR implementation is not an easy job. There are various factors you must know before implementing it in your hospital. Here are some of the tips to help EMR implementation:

Internal connectivity

Make sure to interconnect various departments of your hospital including laboratories, pharmacies and imaging systems section. This will help you an easy access to all the clinical data available.

Know your TPA

After EMR implementation you must know the exact TPA (Third Party Application) or the clearinghouse solution. If you have decided to change the existing clearing house solution, be sure that your staffs are trained well.

Creating templates

Most of the EMR systems don’t have enough templates to store information about the patients. So create templates that you need to work with.

Understand the change

EMR implementation will surely change the nature of workflow. You must be aware of the change that will take place even before implementing the EMR system in the hospital.


Be sure to train your staff efficiently that they can go without the support of the vendor. Have a clear idea about who should be trained in what.

Usage norms

In order to get the aid from government for implementing EMR systems, know the norms by reading the guidelines from the ASOS.


Never pay to the vendor before testing the system. Payments can be made on various stages of implementation. Get it in written that your problems will be fixed by the vendor.
Security concerns
Set up a clear security standard and be sure that the clinical data is not stored on a laptop which could result in serious safety issues.
Advantages and Disadvantages of EMR implementation


  • It reduces errors caused by humans effectively. Relying on inaccurate data is avoided.
  • The electronic data storage eliminates security problems. Clinical data in the form of papers can be stolen or lost.
  • As the data is stored electronically it reduces the time for exchanging and also reduces the labor costs.


  • There are concerns about the standardization of the system as it is a new technique.
  • As it is an automated system people doubt about the human oversight.
  • There is a fear that the data can be accessed by unauthorized people which could be serious.

Frederick Franks is a writer and IT specialist. If you're in need of further recommendations or if you're simply looking for support, I recommend visiting EMR Implementation Specialist for more information.

9 March 2013

Points2shop Scam - The truth

points2shop scam

Is Points2shop a scam? Or is points2shop legit? The truth lies below.

Now, how much websites out there that claims points2shop is a scam? Lots right. But that doesn't mean they are a scam. Of course when you type in points2shop scam on google, you're most likely to find the angry people who probably got banned from points2shop for breaking the rules. These are the people who cheated on points2shop and went on the internet crying about it. Here's undeniable evidence that points2shop really pays!

You might think points2shop pays most members with low priced rewards and scams the bigger members, but here's a $10,000 cheque proof that one of the members received!

does points2shop work?

Here's a member receiving a PS3 bundle with Modern Warfare.

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is Points2shop legit?

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Now does points2shop work? I believe it is very obvious now! But for some strange reason, if you're still a skeptic, then here's more proof:

This is their forum where members post up prizes they have received, and there's literally 15,000 different threads, and EACH of them have picture evidence to support the fact that this isn't a scam. Along with that, points2shop has millions of users and a very active chatbox and forum for members to talk. 

So in conclusion: Does points2shop work? The answer is a BIG YES.

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