9 March 2013

Points2shop Scam - The truth

points2shop scam

Is Points2shop a scam? Or is points2shop legit? The truth lies below.

Now, how much websites out there that claims points2shop is a scam? Lots right. But that doesn't mean they are a scam. Of course when you type in points2shop scam on google, you're most likely to find the angry people who probably got banned from points2shop for breaking the rules. These are the people who cheated on points2shop and went on the internet crying about it. Here's undeniable evidence that points2shop really pays!

You might think points2shop pays most members with low priced rewards and scams the bigger members, but here's a $10,000 cheque proof that one of the members received!

does points2shop work?

Here's a member receiving a PS3 bundle with Modern Warfare.

Points2shop scam? Here's another proof - a happy member receiving his laptop.

is Points2shop legit?

And finally - one of my many prizes from points2shop! A $2,000 paypal reward!

Now does points2shop work? I believe it is very obvious now! But for some strange reason, if you're still a skeptic, then here's more proof:

This is their forum where members post up prizes they have received, and there's literally 15,000 different threads, and EACH of them have picture evidence to support the fact that this isn't a scam. Along with that, points2shop has millions of users and a very active chatbox and forum for members to talk. 

So in conclusion: Does points2shop work? The answer is a BIG YES.

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