17 April 2013

Is Your Marketing Strategy Extinct?

Are you spending more money than ever on marketing, yet making less and less sales everyday?

Are your radio and print ads flashier and louder than ever but just not converting like they used to?

That's because the marketing world has changed the way it reaches customers, but you haven't! 
If you are still relying on the traditional one way "Outbound" marketing methods of telling consumers what to do through the radio, TV, or a boring print ad, you might as well be selling dinosaur saddles while you're at it! You're extinct!

Today's consumer requires a whole new approach to get their attention and eventually convert a sale. With the astounding amount of entertainment and media choices available to the average consumer today, across hundreds of different platforms and devices, sellers must interact with potential customers to build social trust, develop a method of engagement and eventually win not only a new customer, but an advocate for your business or product.

"Sound's great... How the heck do you do that?!?"

"Who has time to fiddle around on the twitterbook all day? I have a business to run!"

Well, did you used to spend all day recording radio ads, or setting up print jobs?

Of course not! You hired professionals and today's market requires a new type of marketing professional; The Inbound Marketer.

Inbound Marketers use their skills in SEO, both on page optimization, and off page link placement in concert with social media signals and social bookmarking to create a process wherein your potential customer is engaged in the social sphere, redirected to a landing page, provided with unique and valuable content that compels the reader to act on your call to action, and provide contact information as a lead conversion.
Next, a serious of follow up emails, and social messages are sent to your lead and over a period of time a relationship of trust develops and you are able to convert the lead, to not just make a sale, but to actually promote you to others in their social circles.

Of course, not all products and services will take that exact road map to make the conversion from browser, to lead, to sale, to promoter, but this scenario is a good illustration of the methods used for effective Inbound Marketing strategies.

Inbound marketing is a fast moving and ever evolving industry that requires continuous study to keep abreast of the latest techniques and algorithm updates, extensive knowledge of site structure, crawler mapping, keyword research, social media functionality and on and on, only a fool would try to handle Inbound Marketing and SEO on their own, while trying to operate a business. But then again only a fool would try to saddle a dinosaur too!
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